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Python Development

Python Development & Automation with AWS


This Python Development Course focuses on automation and cloud computing, starting with Python basics before advancing to real-world applications. 
It covers automating tasks, managing cloud infrastructures, and deploying applications on cloud platforms. With hands-on projects and expert guidance, learners gain practical skills for today's tech challenges, preparing them for roles in automation and cloud services.

₹ 15000 Excl. TAX
4th May 2024 at 7:00AM
  • Start Date4th May 2024
  • Duration60 Days
  • Job AssistanceTill Placement
  • Live ClassesYes
  • Notes and RecordingsYes
  • Mock-up InterviewsYes

What you'll learn

Take your coding skills to the next level with our comprehensive Python Development Bootcamp! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced programmer, this intensive training program will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in Python development.

Program Details:

  • Duration:  8 Weeks
  • Location: Online, accessible from anywhere


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Introduction to Python:

  • Installation and setup of Python
  • Basic syntax, data types, variables, operators, and expressions
  • Control flow, conditional statements

Functions and Modules:

  • Creating and using functions, handling parameters and return values
  • Working with Python modules and external code importation

Data Structures:

  • Understanding lists, tuples, dictionaries
  • Data manipulation and access techniques, including comprehensions

File Handling and OCR:

  • Basics of reading and writing files, handling various formats (CSV, JSON)
  • Introduction to OCR with Tesseract: converting images to text
  • Error handling and exception management

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP):

  • OOP fundamentals: classes, objects, inheritance
  • Encapsulation, polymorphism, abstraction

Working with Libraries and Packages:

  • Utilizing Python's standard library
  • Managing third-party libraries with pip
  • Exploring libraries like NumPy, pandas, requests

Web Development with Python:

  • Overview of Flask and Django for web development
  • Managing routing, HTTP requests, templates, and forms

Database Interaction and AWS Cloud Automation:

  • Basics of SQL and database interaction
  • Performing CRUD operations with Python
  • Introduction to AWS services for automation (e.g., Lambda, S3, EC2)
  • Using Python to automate AWS cloud operations

Testing and Debugging:

  • Unit testing with unittest
  • Debugging techniques and tools
  • Embracing Test-driven development (TDD)

Working with APIs:

  • Consuming web APIs, making requests, handling responses
  • Authentication methods and data retrieval techniques

Data Analysis, Visualization, and Automation:

  • Data analysis foundations with pandas
  • Visualizing data using Matplotlib or Plotly
  • Automating repetitive tasks in data analysis

Project Work:

  • Applying Python in real-world scenarios: command-line tools, web apps, data analysis
  • Projects integrating OCR, AWS cloud automation, and API interactions

Pre Requisites


Suitable For

BE, BCA, BSc and Diploma Students
Python Development
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₹ 15000 Excl. TAX ₹ 50000
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  • Start Date4th May 2024
  • Duration60 Days
  • Job AssistanceTill Placement
  • Live ClassesYes
  • Notes and RecordingsYes
  • Mock-up InterviewsYes
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